You may be able to sue for damages if you are harmed in a hotel. It is a property owner’s legal responsibility to keep the property safe for visitors, such as guests in a hotel. This responsibility includes making repairs, such as keeping elevators in safe working condition, ensuring that the building’s structure is up to code, keeping the pool and other amenities safe, and alerting guests to potential dangers like wet floors. If a hotel owner fails to keep the property safe, he can be held legally responsible for damages.

In order to sue for premises liability, which is a set of laws that govern the responsibilities of property owners to visitors, the visitor must actually be injured. A minor injury would not justify a personal injury lawsuit. Also, in order to be held liable for an injury to a guest, the accident must be foreseeable to the property owner. If the hotel’s janitor left a large spill of water on the floor and failed to warn about it, the property owner could be held liable if someone slipped and fell in it. However, if another guest fell getting into the pool despite the presence of handrails and nonslip mats, the hotel probably would not be considered liable.

If you are injured as a hotel guest, the first thing you need to do is to notify the hotel and obtain medical treatment. Be sure to explain how the accident happened and make sure to get a copy of the report. You should also contact the corporate headquarters for the hotel. After obtaining medical treatment, document everything related to your accident, including obtaining eyewitness information and pictures and videos from the scene. Do not sign or agree to anything without speaking to an attorney.

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