Truck AccidentHere at The Barber Law Firm we understand that getting into an accident with another vehicle similar in size to your own can be devastating, but arguably nothing is more frightening to experience as a driver than being involved in a collision with a commercial truck. No matter how large your vehicle is, you cannot help but feel like you are behind the wheel of a toy car when visually comparing yourself to a tractor-trailer on the road. And as you might expect, the degree of vehicular damage and bodily injuries is statistically much higher than with accidents not involving a large truck.

Top Truck Accident Causes

A recent study released by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shows that the majority of truck accidents include the use of illicit or prescription drugs, speeding, distracted driving, and unfamiliarity with the road. Most of these truck accident causes are inexcusable—commercial drivers have an obligation to remain sober, safe, and focused while on the road. If an accident has caused you financial loss or personal injury, you have every right to demand compensation for your losses.

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To determine if you are entitled to compensation, you will need to seek the legal counsel of an experienced Dallas injury firm as quickly as possible. Choosing The Barber Law Firm to represent you during this stressful time in your life can help minimize or even eliminate many of the issues you and your family will face in the aftermath of a truck accident. Please give us a call today at 972-525-2550 for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.