LawyerGetting a ticket from a police office is annoying enough, but getting a ticket in the mail can be even worse. You might get a bill in the mail for a TollTag violation if you drive on a toll road that’s owned by the Texas Department of Transportation and you have an inactive TxTag, Houston EZ TAG account or an inactive Dallas TollTag.

If you ever do get a violation in the mail, you can contest it with the help of a qualified Dallas lawyer. The Barber Law Firm is here to protect you and your rights and keep you from having to pay unnecessary bills.

Resolving Toll Tickets

Even if your toll ticket isn’t very expensive, there’s a good chance that you might be paying more than you legally have to if you do decide to go ahead and take care of the bill. You’ll want to get in touch with an experienced Dallas lawyer who specializes in toll violations as soon as you can since time is often of the essence in these matters.

Expert Advice

The Barber Law Firm can help you at any point in the process, from your initial bill, a violation and even when you’re being bothered by collections agencies. Know your rights and all of your options when it comes to these situations. Paying the bill isn’t always your only choice.

If you’ve recently received a TollTag violation or bill in the mail, get in touch with The Barber Law Firm at 972-525-2550 as soon as possible.