After seeking medical care, you should contact an attorney to help with your case. Although in some minor car accidents an attorney may not be necessary, tractor trailer accident cases are not something you should attempt to handle on your own.

Tractor trailer accidents typically involve large amounts of damages, both medical damages and property damage. Tractor trailer cases also sometimes involve both federal and state laws. The trucking industry also involves a lot of regulations. The trucker or trucking company involved in your accident may have violated one or more state or federal laws or regulations, which would be good to know during settlement negotiations or trial. In addition, trucking companies will often attempt to hide these errors. An attorney can help advise you on whether or not any laws were broken and how this would affect your case.

Although it may be tempting to work directly with the insurance company, so that you can keep 100 percent of your settlement, it’s important to remember that the insurance company is not out to help you. The primary goal of an insurance adjuster is to lessen payouts in order to make more profits for the company. However, an experienced attorney can fight the insurance companies on your behalf to obtain the best outcome for you. In cases where you have severe injuries, such as in a tractor trailer collision, you may be entitled to a variety of damages, such as for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and possibly even punitive damages. An attorney can advise you of the damages to which you are entitled.

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