Work Injury ClaimNo one is immune to the risk of incurring a personal injury while at work. From office workers in cubicles to construction workers welding metal, any number of injuries can result in pain, the need for medical care, missed time from work, and lost income. The attorneys at the Barber Law Firm offer these instructions on how to file a personal injury claim for any type of a work injury.

  • Document what happened. Write down all of the facts about the injury as it occurred. Get the contact information of any witnesses who saw it happen if the incident was an accident.
  • Keep accurate records of any medical care received, time missed from work, and expenses incurred.
  • Obtain insurance information for the employer’s insurance company.
  • Arrange a consultation with a Dallas personal injury attorney. A legal specialist can review the circumstances and determine whether there is enough evidence to file a legal claim.
  • Protect any evidence that has been gathered. Save copies of digital photos, get multiple sets of prints, and keep medical documentation in a secure location.
  • Take action in a timely manner. There may be legal time limits on any claim that a plaintiff has.
  • Complete any necessary documentation that the legal experts representing the case request. Fully cooperating in a timely manner helps speed up the process.

When an injury happens in the workplace, time is of the essence. The legal experts at the Barber Law Firm take each client’s needs seriously and work hard to ensure that all parties are satisfied with the outcome. For more information about filing a claim for an injury incurred at the workplace, call the firm today at 972-525-2550.