Tragically, earlier this week a pedestrian in Plano was struck and killed while attempting to cross the freeway. The victim was a 56 year old man from Dallas. He was killed by a woman who had just entered the freeway and may not have been driving highway speed yet. The woman was not injured. The area in which the man was struck wasn’t far from a bridge that he could have used to walk over the freeway.

It’s sad that thousands of Americans are killed each year in pedestrian accidents when the vast majority of them are very preventable. If you follow a few basic safety tips, you can stay safe as a pedestrian:

–          Be aware of traffic. It’s easy to become engrossed in a smart phone or other distractions while walking. However, if you’re walking beside a busy road, that’s the time to pay attention. Be aware of your surroundings, especially when it’s dark.

–          Stick to routes that are properly marked. If you are walking through an area with a lot of traffic, stick to the areas in which routes are marked. Use crosswalks when possible. If you do have to cross the road at an area other than a crosswalk, pay attention. Don’t cross the freeway at all on foot.

–          Minimize the amount of time walking in the dark. If you do have to walk in the dark, wear light colored clothing and if possible wear something reflective. You may also wish to carry a flashlight. Stay well out of the way of cars in poorly-lit areas.

–          If you see a car slowing down, don’t assume it’s going to let you cross. Just because a car is slowing down, and you want to cross the road, doesn’t mean it’s going to let you cross. The driver may not have even seen you. Instead, wait until there aren’t any cars.

–          Don’t drink and walk.  Although you may think walking around while drinking is a much better form of transportation than driving, walking while drunk can be dangerous too. Instead, find someone to drive you or take a cab.

Here at the Barber Law Firm, we hope you stay safe as a pedestrian. If you ever are injured in a pedestrian accident in the Dallas area, call our Dallas pedestrian accident attorneys at 866-986-1529. We will help you obtain compensation for your accident.