When individuals visit a doctor or a hospital, they expect a very high standard of care. In some cases, patients leave a doctor’s office or a hospital with more problems than they had when they arrived. In other cases, the individuals may have been the victims of medical malpractice but they are unaware that malpractice actually occurred.

Hospital malpractice can include any type of negligence that may occur in a hospital or outpatient setting, and it can be committed by any hospital employee but is usually committed by a health care professional. There are a variety of types of hospital malpractice. Some include errors during surgery, medication errors, a failure to prevent infections, and health care professionals failing to do what they are supposed to, such as the failure to monitor a patient, the failure to diagnose a condition, or the failure to order tests.

Malpractice by a doctor usually occurs either when the doctor failed to do something (such as order extra tests), or made an outright error (such as prescribing the wrong medication). Doctor malpractice can occur in addition to hospital malpractice, or can be a separate issue.

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