Parents of small children have enough to worry about over the holidays without worrying about toy safety. A consumer watchdog group in California recently issued a report warning consumers about which toys are potentially hazardous. The group identified four types of risks in toys: choking hazards, toxic toys, magnetic toys and very loud toys.

The group found that a lot of dangers still exist of which consumers aren’t properly warned. Many toys contain levels of lead, cadmium and phthalates that aren’t high enough to violate federal law, but are high enough to be of concern. Most of these toys are manufactured overseas.

A large number of toys contain small parts, but aren’t identified property on the packaging or are marketed to very young children. Those small parts can become a choking hazard for young children. Between 1990 and 2011, 200 children died from choking. Other toys which are excessively loud also can cause hearing loss in children.

Magnetic toys can also pose a risk. Some magnetic toys are made with extremely strong magnets that can pinch fingers or can cause severe damage if swallowed. Some experts estimate that over a three year period recently, 1,700 ER visits were caused from swallowing high powered magnets, most of which involved young children.

Experts recommend that before buying a toy, parents do their research. Unfortunately, there is not a comprehensive nationwide list of potentially dangerous toys. Parents should look for issues like the amount of lead or the number of small parts a toy has before buying the toy. If a toy appears to be unsafe, the toy should be reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission at

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