Driving while tired is extremely dangerous, although it’s a behavior that doesn’t get much press. Although everyone knows not to drive while texting or drive while drinking, there is not much publicity about the dangers of driving while drowsy.

However, evidence shows how extremely dangerous it can be to drive while drowsy. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 100,000 automobile accidents every year are caused by drowsy drivers. Those accidents kill 1,550 people and injure another 70,000.

There have been several studies in recent years that have looked at the dangers of driving while sleepy. One study found that drivers who did not sleep well over the previous 20 hours had response speeds that were only half those of well-rested drivers. Another study found that drivers with only four hours of sleep the night before were equivalent to drivers with a blood alcohol content of twice the legal limit. Also, drivers who are drowsy are more than twice as likely to cause an accident as a driver who has had enough sleep.

Although there are not laws about how much sleep one must get in order to operate a motor vehicle, sleepy drivers who cause accidents in Dallas can be held legally liable for any personal injuries or wrongful deaths they cause as a result of their behavior. It can be difficult to prove that a driver caused an accident because he or she was sleepy, but a qualified attorney can help you build your case through expert witnesses, accident reconstruction, and any relevant work or medical documents.

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