TollTag Tuesday MoneyMost people have grumbled on occasion when they encounter toll booths on the highway. Their primary complaint tends to be the cost, but they might also complain about traditional toll booths slowing down traffic. Naturally, some people forget their change or their pass, further bogging down the system. In recent years, however, there have been new systems that make life more convenient for the commuter. In the Dallas area, the TxTag, or TollTag, is a great way to pay daily tolls, and the Barber Law Firm has information that can help you stay out of legal trouble regarding this innovative service.

How the TollTag Works

Saving money and time sounds, good, right? The TollTag has a few improvements over traditional toll systems. Among them:

  • You don’t have to stop your vehicle – you don’t even have to slow down dramatically.
  • A scanner automatically reads the tag on your windshield.
  • In some cases, you pay significantly less than other drivers.

Of course, the system can be abused by people who don’t have money in their account, and that causes a legal problem. To stay out of trouble, keep a few things in mind.

How to Avoid Trouble With the TollTag

If you miss a toll bill payment, there will be second notice of an unpaid fee with an additional $1.15 for the billing. If you don’t pay that, then there will be a violation fee of $5. If your account gets passed on to collections, that adds $25. Ultimately, if it goes to court, court fees and fines could add up to $350 or possibly more.  A lot of people have had to deal with a great deal of hassle, many times out of mere confusion. A Dallas law firm can help people deal with any problems that may arise if you didn’t pay due to a genuine misunderstanding or mistake. Regular commuters may want to consider autopay to avoid any hassles. Also, make sure you do not try to remove the TollTag if you sell a vehicle, because peeling it off will damage it. Call customer service to deactivate the current tag and to get a tag for your new car. If you have questions on the legal aspects of delinquent tolls or other legal issues in the Dallas area, contact the Barber Law Firm as soon as you can.