FRISCO, TX – Four members of a north Texas family from Frisco, Texas were among those killed in a large chain-reaction freeway accident recently in Oklahoma that left 10 dead.

Shelby Hayes, 35, her husband, Randal Scott Hayes, 38, and their son, Ethan 7, died in the tragic car accident along with Shelby’s mother, Cynthia Olson, 55. The auto wreck was the deadliest in Oklahoma’s history.

The accident was caused when an 18-wheeler suddenly barreled through a line of cars on the highway, killing nine people. The Hayes’ family Hyundai was pinned under the semi.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol said that an earlier automobile accident had stopped traffic when the tractor-trailer slammed into at least three cars at a high rate of speed, pushing them into more vehicles.  Some of the accident victims were pinned in the wreckage for up to nine hours before being freed by firefighters.

A criminal investigation is under way.  There was no indication alcohol was involved, he said.

Sadly, fatal and serious injury collisions occur every day to residents of our local cities such as Frisco, Plano, and Allen.  Many times, car accidents like this happen due to the negligence of a driver who was not paying attention, texting, or even driving while intoxicated.

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