A tragic and violent accident occurred earlier this week in Fort Worth which killed five and injured 12, some of them seriously. An 18 wheeler was travelling westbound on the 3900 block of East Freeway, just past the Oakland Boulevard exit, when it crashed into stopped cars and people. The vehicles were stopped as part of an earlier accident. Many of those who were killed or injured were good Samaritans trying to help the drivers in the initial crash. Many of them were outside their vehicles.

The 18-wheeler burst into flames upon impact. A man and three women were pronounced dead at the scene. Another woman was airlifted to Parkland Memorial for burns. Three other people were taken to John Peter Smith Hospital, and three were taken to Harris Hospital. One of those victims died at the hospital. It’s not clear how serious the injuries to the remaining victims are, but at least one lost her leg in the accident. The truck driver was taken to a hospital with moderate injuries. It’s unknown what caused the accident and the truck driver has not been charged. The tractor trailer involved in the accident was a Ryder truck carrying the Sunday edition of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

In accidents like this one, it’s critical that accident victims talk to a personal injury attorney. There could possibly be several parties responsible for the accident, including those who caused the first accident, the truck driver, Ryder, the trucking company, and others. In an accident involving a large amount of damages such as this one, it’s critical to obtain high-quality legal representation. There could be a very large amount of damages, and it’s unlikely that an accident victim would receive a fair settlement without the help of an attorney.

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