HOUSTON, TX – Megan Small, 21, a Baylor University pharmacy student was heading back to school on Thanksgiving weekend, in 2007. It was then that her parents received the phone call that changed their lives forever.

During the Thanksgiving weekend, a number of college students were on the road and heading back to school. One of them was Jason Reed Vestal, who was behind the wheel of a pickup truck, on his way back to Texas A&M. Accident investigators say he crossed into Megan’s lane and collided with her car head on.

Hunter Craft, attorney for the Smalls, says that Vestal claimed he didn’t remember the accident and that there wasn’t a cell phone in his vehicle. The Small’s attorney, however, found out differently.

It was discovered that Vestal had sent or received 15 text messages and placed 7 phone calls within a short period of time leading up to the accident, according to Craft. “And, in fact, he was receiving a text and possibly trying to return that text at the time when he crossed the center line and hit Megan.”

The evidence prompted a Robertson County jury to award $21.8 million, as the kind of message that they wanted to send.

“We’re not in it for the money. We just wanted closure, answers and healing. And basically to send a message to the community that texting and phoning behind the wheel is wrong,” said Megan’s mother.

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