accident claimsNot all personal injury cases are made similarly. Clients frequently wonder about what type of payment or judgment they can obtain for their accidental injuries. Having said that, it could be considerably difficult to establish what the amount of a personal accidental injury judgment or settlement might be. Following are some elements which are frequently taken into consideration when establishing the significance of a personal injury case:

  • The degree of the injury. Certainly, an injury whereby a bone was broken would be valued less than one with a significant spine trauma that resulted in paralysis.
  • The age of the plaintiff. An injury that seriously harmed a particular person who was 90 years old would most likely be worth less than an incident which seriously injured a 30 year old.
  • Costs accumulated by the injured party. This consists of health care expenses, lost wages, physical therapy, etc
  • Loss of earnings. Assuming that a man who’s 40 years old and is making $125,000 per year is injured or hurt in a car or truck accident and is unable to function for the remainder of his life, there may be a much greater award than if the injured party is retired or is employed in in a low-income position.
  • Change in lifestyle or relationships. If an accident led to a change in a plaintiff’s lifestyle, or took a serious stress on the plaintiff’s marriage or other relationships, the award may be raised.
  • The experience and abilities of the lawyer or attorney operating on behalf of the plaintiff.
  • Whether the incident will have lifelong medical effects, or is only short-term in nature.

Certainly there are numerous, many aspects to be taken into consideration in evaluating the value of a personal injury case. This is an incomplete list, but could serve to you identify whether you believe your personal injury case is valuable or not.

The Barber Law Firm handles personal injury claims on a contingency fee basis, you don’t pay unless we win your case.

In a contingency basis, the clients pay their lawyer by having an agreement that a certain percentage of the amount from the client’s claim could be given to the lawyer as his fee. On the side of the client, it would be very convenient to have the contingency basis because they don’t have to worry about the lawyer’s fee whatever the outcome of the case may be.

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