If you have been involved in a tractor-trailer accident in Euless, it’s likely that you have suffered serious personal injuries. Tractor-trailers travel at high rates of speed and are much larger than other vehicles on the roads, which can result in devastating injuries and serious vehicle damage to other vehicles that get involved in an accident with them.

When compared with other types of motor vehicle accident cases, tractor-trailer accidents are much more complicated. This is because there are normally several parties involved in the case, including potentially the employer of the driver, the driver, the owner of the truck, the owner of the trailer, the company that loaded the trailer, and the maintenance company. In addition, the trucking industry is huge, and parties involved are typically well-funded and are looking out to protect their own interests, not to provide fair compensation to those injured in an accident with a truck.

A study of over 100,000 large truck crashes that was done by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration concluded that over 80 percent of crashes were due to driver negligence. Some examples of driver negligence include distracted driving, reckless driving, driver fatigue, and the use of drugs or alcohol. Other accidents were caused by defects with the vehicles or maintenance problems.

If you have been involved in an accident with a tractor-trailer in Euless, it is likely you are facing serious injuries, including back and neck injuries, cuts, broken bones, brain injuries, internal organ damage, joint injuries, and more. You may be unable to work and you could face an extensive period of rehab. It’s important that you speak with a law firm that can help.

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