Garland, TX—The #1 question that people normally ask themselves when they have been injured is:  “Do I really need a personal injury lawyer or can I just deal with the insurance claim myself?”  The short answer is “Yes” you can technically handle your case on your own.  Then again, I could try to re-wire the electrical system in my house, but does that mean I should?

Some things are better left to professionals.  Even lawyers hire other lawyers when they get involved in a lawsuit.  There are several reasons to hire an experienced attorney, rather than try to fight for yourself.

1.  Experience:  Attorneys have experience negotiating with insurance companies—you do not.  The insurance adjuster on your case handles thousands of claims each year and knows all of the tricks.  His/her job (and compensation) depends on paying you as little as possible.  Adjusters love dealing with people who do not hire an accident lawyer, and they will usually do everything they can to convince you that you do not need an injury attorney.

2.  Convienience:  You may be able to collect all the evidence, research the law, report the claim, file papers, hire expert witnesses, and do everything it takes to negotiate and/or argue a solid court case, but do you really want to?  A good Garland personal injury lawyer will handle all of the research, work, and negotiations that go into the case for you.

3.  Stay Removed:  You should never be emotionally involved in a legal case.  However, when you are the one who was injured, it is difficult to keep emotions out of it and think clearly.  Hiring a good personal injury attorney will allow you to have an outside perspective and an experienced legal team to handle and evaluate your case objectively.      

4.  Avoid Traps:  There are hundreds of traps, deadlines, and pitfalls associated with injury claims.  Waiting too long, signing the wrong piece of paper, or even saying the wrong thing can prejudice or even eliminate your rights entirely.

5.  No Win—No Fee:  Good Texas personal injury lawyers work on contingency fee, which means there is no fee unless they win.  Studies have shown that the increased amount of settlements that attorneys get for people versus cases handled without attorneys pays for the attorneys fee and normally results in more money for the client as well.

People suffer serious personal injuries every day in our local cities such as Garland, Richardson, and Plano TX.  If you have been involved in a car accident or other personal injury in Collin County or the surrounding areas, an experienced-local personal injury lawyer can help you and your family.

Our Texas personal injury lawyers offer free consultations on personal injury cases. If you or someone you know has been injured or killed, you should contact a personal injury attorney immediately so that you will know your legal rights and can determine what insurance coverage may be in place to cover damages. Call our office at (972) 231-5800 for more information or click here to contact us by email.