Disc decompression is a type of treatment for individuals with a back injury. In the back, between the vertebrae, there is soft tissue. That soft tissue can act like a shock absorber, and can at times become compressed due to injuries or automobile accidents. The compression distorts the shape of the disc and causes the tissue to put pressure on the surrounding nerves. That pressure can be very painful.

Fortunately, treatment exists called disc decompression. It’s a procedure in which a small portion of bone which is over the nerve root, and sometimes disc material, are removed. Therefore, the nerve root has more space. Disc decompression has been proven to be very successful, with a low complication rate.

Disc decompression is generally done on an outpatient basis with only mild sedation and local anesthetic, and can have a variety of benefits including pain relief and a return to normal activities. An alternative to disc decompression can be major surgery, which is generally more invasive, riskier, and has a longer recovery time.

Many accident victims are turning to disc decompression treatment to deal with the effects of an automobile collision or a workplace accident. If you or a loved one has suffered back problems on the job or as a result of an accident with another party, contact the Dallas personal injury attorneys at the Barber Law Firm at 866-986-1529. We will help you obtain compensation from the responsible party. Call us today.