Two people were killed  in a plane crash that occurred in Kaufman County. The plane was a vintage plane that was made during the Cold War. The plane was owned by the Cold War Air Museum. The crash occurred on a clear day. The pilot did not file a flight plan, which according to the FAA is not unusual. The NTSB has been notified and is in charge of investigating the accident.

Unfortunately, it can take time to learn the precise cause of an airplane accident. There are so many factors, both human and mechanical, that can be at play in causing an accident. Private plane crashes can be especially challenging, because they don’t have the flight recorders that commercial planes do. Private planes aren’t also subject to the same strict regulations regarding maintenance as commercial planes.

The families of loved ones killed in aviation accidents have legal rights. They may be entitled to compensation for wrongful death, medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Those at fault for the accident can be held legally responsible. That may include the pilot, air traffic controllers, the plane’s owner, the airline, mechanics, the aviation company, and more. It can be complicated to determine liability in a plane crash. Multiple parties can be at fault, and this can make the case complex.

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