A 25 year old Dallas woman was killed last week after accidentally falling from the roof of a 19 story building. She was sitting near a ledge and moved the position of her legs and fell off the roof. There were no signs that any problem with the building contributed to her fall.

Unfortunately, deaths from falls at elevated heights are not that uncommon. Approximately 25,000 people die from falls each year. Although many of those deaths are elderly individuals who had a minor fall which led to other health problems, many are employees who fall at work or people who simply had an accident.

However, the vast majority of those accidental deaths from falls can be prevented if proper safety measures are taken. First, for those employees who work at elevated heights, before you begin working, make sure that proper protections are available, such as guardrails, harnesses, and scaffolds. Find out what working procedures are in place for the project, and follow those procedures. If at any time you don’t feel safe, stop working until the safety issue is resolved. If your boss or employer doesn’t seem concerned about safety and you feel the project is unsafe, you may want to report the employer to OSHA.

For people who don’t work in a field where an accidental fall is a problem, falls are more likely to occur when engaged in a recreational activity, such as hiking or visiting a tourist attraction. People may have their guards down, and in many instances alcohol is involved. It’s important to stay alert and be aware of potential dangers if you are several stories above the ground. Just because you are surrounded by people, such as while hiking the side of a mountain or watching a game on the upper deck of a football stadium, doesn’t mean you are safe. Don’t let your guard down until you are safely on the ground.

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