An investigation has been completed into the death of a six-month-old child whose death occurred after his babysitter was put on hold repeatedly by 911. The death was ruled accidental.

On the night of the 911 call, over 400 callers to 911 in the Dallas area ended up on hold an average of 38 minutes. The problems were the result of issues with T-Mobile, a shortage of 911 call center employees, and problems with the infrastructure of the 911 system.

The medical examiner ruled that the baby died of asphyxia. He was found with his head on the floor and his back against a day bed. His face was exposed and was facing forward. His sitter found him on the floor after he fell off a day bed, and she called 911 but could not get through. Since the incident, the city has hired more call takers, and T-Mobile has made changes to its system.

This unfortunate death is a reminder of how much citizens depend on city, county, state, and federal services to keep us safe, including emergency services such as 911. If those services fail, citizens are often left without options as a result. In that situation, the citizens have the right to seek compensation from the branch of government that failed in their duty.

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