The Texas Department of Transportation recently released the 2011 list of the 100 most congested roads in Texas, and not surprisingly, the top three are in Dallas. In addition, over a quarter of the roads on the list are in Dallas County.

The 2011 list did not vary much from the 2010 list. Any differences are most likely the result of reduced traffic speeds because of weather or construction projects. In order to gather the data, the state contracted with a company that provides real time travel information in the U.S. for use by smart phones and GPS devices.

So how can you avoid the inevitable problems that come with driving in a county with some of the most congested roads in Texas? First, before you take a trip, determine whether the route you are taking is congested. For certain roads at certain times of the day, it’s most likely inevitable. If possible, adjust your schedule so that you are not always on the most crowded Dallas roads at the peak of rush hour. Second, leave yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. If you have a long trip ahead of you, make sure you are well rested – sleep deprivation on top of heavy traffic can make the situation seem even worse.

It’s important to keep your cool while dealing with congestion. If other drivers are frustrated, don’t engage with them and provoke a potential road rage situation. Instead, keep your distance and avoid interaction with a driver who appears to not be handling the congestion very well.

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