Earlier this month, another accident victim attempted to call 911 in Dallas, only to find the system unavailable. This accident is the latest in a string of failures by Dallas 911 to handle all of their incoming phone calls.

The accident occurred when a tire blew out and the driver pulled to the side of the road. As he was pulling over, a vehicle hit his car from behind. The passenger was injured in the accident and the driver attempted to call 911 four times but never got through. The driver exited the vehicle and tried to get help, and he was then struck by a car. The driver blames the 911 service, claiming that if help was on the way, he wouldn’t have had to get out of the car.

This latest accident comes after a few highly-publicized problems with 911. In July, a house in Dallas burned to the ground while an emergency call wasn’t answered. In August, a woman was murdered while she was on the line with a 911 operator for 11 minutes reporting an attack. Earlier this month, aDallaswoman was on the phone with 911 for two and a half minutes while her call was being transferred to another jurisdiction.Dallas officials claim that there is currently new leadership in the 911 center. The city is in the process of spending $2 million to hire more employees and upgrade the 911 equipment.

We all rely on the 911 system to respond quickly in the event of an accident or a criminal attack. If it doesn’t, tragedy can result. If you have been involved in an accident, call the Dallas accident attorneys at the Barber Law Firm at 866-986-1529. We will help you pursue reasonable compensation for your injuries.