Tragically, a two year old Dallas boy suffered an accidental gunshot wound to the abdomen late last week. This week, he was upgraded to good condition. According to police, the shooting was an accident that also involved the boy’s three year old brother. The boys were in a room together at the time of the accident. The parents were home at the time. Investigators have not determined how the boy got the .380 semi automatic or who fired it. It’s unknown whether criminal charges will be filed.

This story illustrates the importance of keeping guns properly secured. The Dallas Police Department offers free gun locks to the public. The NRA also offers gun safety programs in schools, which teaches children what to do if they find a gun. However, we cannot be with our children every second, and despite our best efforts, some children may not know what to do if they come into contact with a gun. Tragically, guns account for one in every 10 deaths of children between the ages of 5 and 14.

If you own guns, there are important steps to take to keep them safe from children. First, they should be stored unloaded in a locked cabinet, safe, or vault. The containers that store the guns should be kept out of the reach of children. Ammunition should be stored in a locked container and kept separate from the guns. When the guns are taken out of storage, keep them pointed away from other people, even if unloaded. Also, keep your finger off the trigger.

Talk to any adults in whose homes or vehicles your children spend time. Ask them if they have guns and if so, how they are stored. In addition, teach your children about gun safety, even if you don’t think they will ever encounter a gun. If they do encounter a gun and aren’t aware of gun safety, it may be too late to prevent an accident.

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