Earlier this week, Dallas police told the Dallas Public Safety Committee that they are intent on getting freeways opened more quickly in the Dallas area after an accident. In addition to making that a priority, they are also figuring out how to do it in a way that keeps workers safe. Another important part of the Rapid Response program will involve getting tow trucks to the scene of an accident more quickly.

As part of the new program, called “Rapid Response”, first responders are changing the set-up of equipment at wreck sites. They will be parking fire engines over several lanes to make safe working areas they call shadows. One reason for taking this approach is that in 2007 a fire truck blocked a semi-truck that was skidding from sliding into people trying to rescue a trapped driver.

During the meeting, Assistant Police Chief Tom Lawrence warned drivers to pay attention and lower speeds around accidents, which can help prevent the situation from turning worse. He said that often inattention while driving through an accident zone can cause secondary accidents, such as when people are talking on the phone or texting instead of paying attention to the flow of traffic around the accidents.

Anyone who’s been stuck on a Dallas freeway because of an accident knows how frustrating it can be and how tempting it may be to whip out the cell phone and check your email or catch up on calls. However, that can exacerbate the problem. With the new Rapid Response program, hopefully accidents will be cleared more quickly, which will lead to less frustration and wasted time by other drivers.

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