A Dallas meat packing plant, the Columbia Packing Co., has recently come under fire for contaminating a Dallas area creek which flows into the Trinity River.

 State and federal investigators recently found an unauthorized underground pipe leading from the back of the company’s slaughterhouse directly to the creek. The investigators determined that pig blood was flowing from the slaughterhouse to the creek. In addition to the blood, industrial waste such as pig hair and flesh and plastic gloves was found to be flowing into the creek as well.

 The company claims it was only notified about the problem on January 19 and immediately cooperated with officials. It claims a clog in the sewer line caused the flow to backup into an overflow pipe in the drainage area. It also claims that the city was aware of the problem for 41 days before notifying the company.

 The investigation began when an individual taking pictures of a nearby creek noticed what appeared to be blood flowing into the water near the plant. The person let the Dallas County Health Department know, which then took its own pictures and began investigating the situation.

 Companies have a duty to the public to avoid harming us through their manufacturing processes. They also have a duty to manufacture products which are safe for the general public to use in the manner in which they were intended. If they fail to meet that duty, and an individual is harmed, that person can seek compensation from the company for injuries. In this case, if a person were made sick by the contamination of the creek, and could prove the illness was caused by the contamination, the meat packing plant could be held liable.

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