A Dallas man is in stable condition after a terrifying skydiving accident. The 54 year old man’s parachute opened with technical problems, and he crash landed in a field. The man was flown to Plano Medical Center.
The skydiver allegedly had significant amount of experience skydiving – he is reported to have participated in 650 jumps over a 13 year period. According to experts in the field, skydiving is a relatively safe sport. In 2014, there were about 3.2 million jumps in the U.S., and there were only 729 injuries, which averages out to about 2.3 injuries per 10,000 skydives. Many experts say that injuries normally only occur when skydivers are not following the best practices.
Most extreme sports, such as skydiving, carry a risk of injury. For those injured while participating in extreme sports, the victims may wonder whether or not they can sue as a result of those injuries. The answer is it depends. Many states have laws that protect those who operate businesses in certain high-risk activities, such as horseback riding. Those laws normally provide some level of protection if an accident occurs. In addition, many participants are required to sign waivers that may provide some protection to the business.
However, despite the legal protections in place and the waivers that may be signed, businesses cannot shield themselves from all liability. If an employee was negligent, and that negligence caused harm to a participant, the accident victim may be able to sue for damages.
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