Oren Salomon, a Polish-Jewish bagel expert, opened a new satellite location of his Lewisville-based Starship Bagel in downtown Dallas according to a Dallas Morning News article which say, 

“As a Brooklyn-born Polish Jew who mastered the craft of bagel-making at one of America’s top-ranking bagel shops, Oren Salomon has major bagel credentials. Since July 2021, he’s been discreetly serving game-changing, small-batch, kosher-style bagels at his shop, Starship Bagel, in Lewisville. 

With a massive kettle and rotating deck oven in the back, the Lewisville location is the mother ship that will supply fresh, real New York-style bagels to Starship’s satellite location that opened in downtown Dallas on Jan. 20, 2023. 

Bagels have always been Salomon’s favorite food, and his connection to them is special. Bagels are “bread brought by Polish Jewish immigrants to New York. So I feel like I identify with the bagel, just from like — this is the bread of my people.””

Starship Bagel offers a diverse menu of classic bagels and creative bagel sandwiches, along with a variety of spreads and fish options. The menu also includes coffee and drinks to complete the perfect bagel experience.

  • Bagels: 
    • Bagel + Schmear 
    • Bagel (Single) 
    • Bagels (Half Dozen) 
    • Bagels (Dozen) 
  • Bagel Sandwiches: 
    • Build Your Own Bagel 
    • Cucumber Sandwich 
    • Millennial Falcon 
    • Nova Lox + Magel 
    • Supernova Lox + Bagel 
  • Schmears: 
    • Plain Schmear 
    • Scallion Schmear 
    • Green Olive Schmear 
    • Garden Veggie Schmear 
    • Fermented Jalapeno Schmear 
    • Blueberry Schmear 
    • Honey Almond Schmear 
    • Lox Spread 
    • Vegan Schmear 

Amazingly, their menu options can be complimented with their special coffee drinks which include Drip Coffee, Iced Coffee, Iced Latte and more.