Earlier in the year, the cleanup of Shingle Mountain found off Highway 310 and close to McCommas landfill, was announced. Some citizens feel that cleanup has not been working fast enough and were going to plan some sort of protest before the meeting was rudely interrupted according to an article by the Dallas Observer published on November 13th. In it they say: 

For the last couple of months, the group had been planning acts of civil disobedience in response to the city’s not working fast enough to clean up Shingle Mountain, a massive pile of discarded roofing shingles the abuts a residential neighborhood in southeast Dallas.”

            The Washington Post released an article on November 16th recapping the entirety of the issue after the story picked up traction again. In it they say: 

The mountain is human-made — an environmental nightmare of discarded roofing shingles stretching more than a city block. Even though it’s an illegal toxic waste dump on the edge of a neighborhood, it took months of pressure to get city officials to even acknowledge its existence and finally make plans to take it down.”

          Though the announcement of the cleanup was a victory in it of itself, making sure said cleanup goes smoothly and correctly is also important.