Red Phone Booth is a hidden speakeasy tucked away in the subterranean level of the Grandscape development in The Colony. Accessible only by dialing a secret number from the refurbished red phone booth, the bar offers a unique and exclusive cocktail experience for those who are able to find it, according to a Dallas Morning News article which report, 

“If you want to sip a cocktail at the new Red Phone Booth speakeasy, the first part of this adventure sounds simple: Find the bar. 

But simple it isn’t, and maybe that’s part of the plan. Red Phone Booth is in Grandscape, the sprawling development that includes Nebraska Furniture Mart in The Colony. You could tell anyone something is “in Grandscape,” and they’d have more than 400 acres of land to consider. So here’s another clue: Red Phone Booth is in “the grotto.” That’s a two-story part of Grandscape with a subterranean section, where Red Phone Booth fits nicely under a crook of a set of stairs. 

Once at the grotto, you’ll need to find the refurbished red phone booth. Now what?”

Guests enter by dialing a secret phone number into a restored antique London red phone booth. Attire guidelines are in place, with collared shirts or sports coats required for men and tasteful attire for women. Access to the speakeasy is limited to those with the secret phone number according to their website which say, 

“Gentlemen may not wear ball caps, cargo or ripped shorts, open-toed shoes, or athletic gear. Either a collared shirt or sports coat is required for gentlemen. Gentlemen may request to use one of the house sports coats while visiting the Red Phone Booth. 

Ladies may not wear athletic gear or excessively ripped clothing. Appropriate, tasteful attire must be worn at all times.”

Red Phone Booth is open from 4 PM to 12 AM from Sunday to Wednesday and from 4 PM to 1 AM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.