Harry W. Bass Jr.’s rare collection of US gold coins brought $20 million to Dallas nonprofits according to a Dallas Morning News article. They say,

“The initial sale of a collection of rare U.S. gold coins and die patterns assembled by late Dallas oilman and philanthropist Harry W. Bass Jr. brought in $20.5 million for dozens of Dallas-based nonprofits. 

One coin alone — an 1821 capped head left half eagle — accounted for $4.62 million of the total in what Heritage Auctions described as “furiously competitive bidding.” It drew 70 bids in Thursday’s auction in Long Beach, Calif.”

Meanwhile, $2.5 million were also brought in during an auction for another rare collection that is Mary Ann Sammons Cree’s jewelries including a 176-karat yellow diamond according to a Dallas Morning News article. They say,

“The jewelry collection of Mary Ann Sammons Cree, the late daughter of a Dallas billionaire business magnate, sold at auction for more than $1.9 million for the Communities Foundation of Texas, including nearly $600,000 for a whopping 17.6-carat yellow diamond ring. 

The 125-piece collection was auctioned off piece by piece through Dallas-based Heritage Auctions, which finished bidding Thursday. The collection exceeded estimates that it would sell for $1.5 million.”

Proceeds from the auction of Harry W. Bass Jr. ‘s coin collection and Mary Ann Sammons Cree’s jewelry collection will be benefited by the Harry W. Bass Jr. Foundation and the Communities Foundation of Texas respectively.