Lighting improvements are on their way to South Dallas as the DCC finally approved Major Johnson’s proposal according to a Dallas Morning News article from October 21 which reports, 

“Dallas City Council unanimously approved last week Johnson’s proposal to add $500,000 in lighting improvements to the area. The funds will be used to install 76 new lights along key corridors in the community.

“We are putting public safety first and getting back to basics in Dallas — and to do so, we are leaving no stone unturned,” Johnson said in a news release. “These lighting upgrades can help make our wonderful South Dallas community safer while also creating the conditions necessary for our residents and businesses to thrive in the years ahead.”

The approval of the proposed plan was made possible by the TIF District which greatly needed a reorganization and restructuring of its streets and neighborhoods as it is the location of key landmarks according to a Medium article from October 13 which reports, 

“The TIF District — which is composed of neighborhoods south of Fair Park — was created in 2005, but had yet to help fund a single project. According to its 2019–2020 annual report, the TIF District “exhibits deteriorated structures, inadequate sidewalks, and streets, faulty lot layouts, unsanitary or unsafe conditions, and deteriorated site improvements.” Those issues, the report continues, “substantially arrest or impair the sound growth of the City and property within the area.”

But the area also includes assets such as its strong historic neighborhoods, the MLK Library and Community Center, a Dallas Area Rapid Transit light rail station, and its proximity to Fair Park, which is undergoing a revitalization.”

The estimated completion of the project is on June 2022 however, it is anticipated that the completion will be delayed since the materials could take longer to arrive in South Dallas.