A plan for a rapid transit system in Dallas was proposed to cut down on transportation problems such as traffic congestion, toll prices, and new construction. A Fort-Worth Star Telegram article from October 21 reports, 

“The team came up with a proposal to run high-speed transit along the Interstate 30 corridor and narrowed possible technologies to high-speed rail or the hyperloop, a system of tubes through which a vehicle can travel almost without friction.

The team has been sharing the results of the first phase of its $15 million study at public meetings throughout North Texas.

“We can’t just build our way out of congestion,” said Brandon Wheeler, principal transportation manager at the Council of Governments. “We can’t just add lanes to freeways.”

This proposed rapid transit system will have three stations according to a Dallas Innovates article from October 14 which reports, 

“In Dallas, a new rail station for the high-speed Dallas-Arlington-Fort Worth line would be built near and tie into the proposed Texas Central bullet train station, just south of the Dallas Convention Center in the Cedars neighborhood. Two potential Dallas station sites are shown below in orange, north, and south of the orange Texas Central station location.

In Fort Worth, the study team’s primary proposed location is Trinity Metro’s existing Central Station along I-35W downtown. But six other downtown-area sites are also being explored.

For the midpoint Arlington stop, three potential station locations are being explored between Six Flags Over Texas and Collins Street.”

In a Facebook post, many people expressed their excitement about the future transit system for FW and Dallas. One said,

“This plan will be absolutely wonderful in helping to reduce car traffic, road congestion, air pollution, and parking hassles as DFW continues to grow rapidly!”

Another said, 

“Cool, valuable, important technological stuff takes time and money. I hope it happens and benefits the community!”

However, one noted that there are still problems to be addressed,

“Great but getting to your place of employment can take hours.. poor transportation within cities.”

Excitingly indeed, another rapid transit system is also in the works as studies for it will be conducted in the next few months. If the project is completed, it will be called the Texas Central bullet train line between Dallas and Houston.