The two missing emperor tamarin monkeys from the Dallas Zoo were found in an abandoned Lancaster home and appear to be healthy. They were found in the community house of The Family Center Church of God in Christ according to a Fox 4 News article. They say,

The Dallas Zoo says the two emperor tamarin monkeys who went missing earlier this week appear to be healthy and are recovering from the experience.

The monkeys, named Bella and Finn, lost weight during the ordeal, but showed no signs of injury, according to the zoo.

Both animals starting eating and drinking shortly after they were recovered from an abandoned Lancaster home Tuesday evening.

On Monday, police said the monkeys’ habitat had been tampered with and that they believed the animals had been taken.

People close to The Family Center Church of God in Christ in Lancaster confirm to FOX 4 that the monkeys were found inside the church’s community house, which is next door to the church.”

The monkeys, Bella and Finn, were found to be healthy and eating shortly after being recovered from an abandoned Lancaster home. Police are still searching for a man seen in connection with the monkeys’ disappearance according to an AP News article which reports, 

“The zoo said Wednesday on Twitter that both Bella and Finn “started eating and drinking almost immediately” after they were examined, and the two were “so happy to snuggle in their nest sack” on Tuesday night.

“We will continue to monitor them closely, but for now, we’re so glad they are safe and back with us,” the zoo said in a Wednesday statement.

Police had released a photo and video of a man they said they wanted to talk to about the monkeys, and were still seeking him Wednesday.”

No arrests have been made. Bella and Finn will undergo quarantine before returning to their habitat.