Mark Cuban recently helped a Dallas County program that focuses on keeping people with mental illnesses out of jail for low-level offenses according to a Dallas Morning News article from October 19. They say, 

“The program, Dallas Deflects, is the result of a partnership between the district attorney’s office, Parkland Health & Hospital System, the Dallas Police Department, and Homeward Bound, among other partners.

At a Commissioners Court meeting Tuesday, Cuban was recognized with a resolution noting his involvement with the program. Cuban did not attend the meeting but said via email he “just felt it was the right thing to do.”

District Attorney John Creuzot posted a short message to Mark Cuban on his Facebook page which garnered hundreds of likes and loves from different people. He said,

“We are grateful that Mark Cuban supports this vital program.”

Judge Clay Jenkins also recognized Cuban’s efforts and retweeted the latter’s recognition which likewise garnered hundreds of likes. Many commented their praise and admiration for Cuban in the said tweet. One said,

“This guy is the real deal

Another quoted the tweeted,

“Thank you Mark. #MarkCuban #MentalHealthMatters” 

Mark Cuban Foundation donated $277,000 which will help provide security for on-site housing during the program’s first three years. Earlier this year, the Mavericks and Cuban donated $1.25 million for the Dallas Mayor’s fund to help people for the winter storm relief.