La La Land Kind Cafe opens its first branch with a drive-thru in Richardson according to a Dallas Innovates article which reports, 

“La La Land Kind Cafe—the coffee shop chain that’s been “normalizing kindness” since it opened its first cafe in 2017 on Lower Greenville in Dallas—will debut its first drive-thru location in Richardson Saturday at 242 W. Campbell Road. Offering an array of organic craft drinks and light bites, it will be a permanent home for the brand’s Drive By Kindness initiative, which you can see play out on its TikTok videos.”

Founder Francois Reihani says the new drive-thru branch is not about coffee but about “normalizing kindness” according to a Dallas Morning News article. They say,

“Reihani, now 26, says this new drive-through is not about coffee. It’s about “normalizing kindness,” a company buzzphrase.

“We planted over 400 yellow flowers for you to drive through,” Reihani says. The former Great Outdoors sandwich shop was reinvented as a coffee shop that looks like a house, not a business.

Reihani tosses out rhetorical questions to prove the mission of his Kind Cafe. “How can we touch someone?” he says in a Dallas Morning News interview. “Why is humanity so disconnected? Why aren’t all humans friends?” The staff at La La Land aim to shower customers with kindness.”

There are plans to expand internationally someday. For now, Reihani wants to expand to the stateside quickly to get to more cities outside of Dallas.