Grapevine Bar, a 26-year old dive, is looking to move by mid-2023 according to a Dallas Morning News article. They say,

“The Grapevine Bar is looking for a new home in Dallas. The 26-year-old dive will need to move by mid-2023, when its lease is up. 

The recognizable Maple Avenue property was purchased by Crow Holdings, the group that has developed dozens of pockets in Dallas-Fort Worth, including the 12.5-acre Old Parkland campus across the street from the Grapevine. Bar founder Michelle Honea says she didn’t want to sell the property but her business partner did. She plans to relocate the bar somewhere else in Dallas.”

While no new location is set for Grapevine, Michelle Honea is still planning to have the next location just like the original according to a D Magazine article which says,

“Michelle Honea, the bar’s owner, told D Magazine Wednesday the new location hasn’t been scouted yet, but she wants to stay close to the original. An ideal solution for her would be to dig up the current building and place it somewhere else, she says, which would be logistically difficult. But Honea does plan to take bits and pieces of the building with her. 

“There are very distinctive things that we’re known for, things like the neon sign on the basketball court, that’ll come with us,” she says. “The bathroom doors—a lot of people probably don’t notice, but the door handles on them are actually dragons.”

Honea spent the last 26 years displaying things she found on eBay or on the side of the road. Her husband, Ronny, once found a floral iron décor item sitting in front of a house. The couple asked the homeowners if they could have it, and now it sits near the basketball court.”

The bar hasn’t announced any closing dates yet, but they are looking to throw parties in major holidays.