Trial runs in the DFW Airport are being conducted for their new fast pass implementation according to a CBS DFW article from September 22 which reports, 

“The Fast Pass lets travelers go online and reserve a specific time to go through security. They still have to have to scan their bags and take off their shoes and belts, but it advances them past any long waits on busy days.

The pass is part of a series of improvements at the airport to make the travel experience more hassle-free. Travelers can pre-book parking at discounted rates, check-in and pay for bags in advance, but the security wait can be unpredictable.”

However, the Fast Pass is a separate and distinct program from the other programs that allow travelers to save time according to a Dallas Morning News article from September 22,

“There are many programs that allow customers to go through shorter checkpoint lines to get TSA screenings. Programs such as TSA PreCheck allow passengers to enroll in a government program and skip some security protocols, such as taking off shoes, belts, and jackets. With PreCheck, passengers pay $85 for the five-year program and have to pass a background check.

Then there are programs like Clear, a privately run security screening process that again lets customers go through an expedited line and check-in through a biometric screening kiosk.”

Additional instructions regarding the Fast Pass program were posted on DFW Airport’s website, which states,

“No costs or membership fees

Reservations are limited so please book ahead of time. Reservations can be made up to 7 days in advance of your flight

Please limit each reservation to a maximum of 10 people. Parties of more than 10 will need additional reservations

Please check with your airline to ensure they offer a ticket counter in Terminal D for local check-in/baggage check at the time of your reservation

If you check-in from home or remotely and already have your boarding pass with no checked bags and do not require an airline ticket counter, DFW’s Skylink train connects ALL 5 terminals.”

To encourage travelers to participate in the trial run, DFW Airport will be giving away $5 food vouchers. The program, however, is only an experiment and no further updates have been released as to whether Fast Pass will remain as a permanent program.