Frisco-based Dude Perfect has announced that they are leaving their current headquarters according to a Local Profile article. They say,

“Frisco-based YouTube group Dude Perfect announced plans for a new ten-acre sports and entertainment destination and headquarters. At the centerpiece of the complex is a 330-foot “impossible shot” tower, where fans can try to make, well, an impossible basketball shot in the splash pool below. 

The “impossible shot” tower is a reference to the stunt that the group did in 2009 while students at Texas A&M.”

Dude Perfect, in collaboration with Overland, conceptualized the exhilarating 330-foot tower according to a WFAA article. They say,

“Dude Perfect began working with Overland on conceptual designs for the project over a year ago. The venue’s boldest planned feature is the 330-foot tower, which projects from the site as a vertical expression of the brand known for its improbable trick shots. The space will give fans the chance to attempt an improbable trick shot of their own. “When you can create a physical representation of what makes a brand so iconic, that’s enormously powerful,” Trubey said. “It was absolutely the right move for us, in terms of basing the physical destination around that.”

Inside the venue, the design concept includes three stories of attractions, including a Dude Perfect Museum that will chronicle the group’s origin story. Restaurants, merchandise, water features and outdoor attractions will round out the visitor experience on the multi-acre site.

“Our vision has always been to create a destination where families could just have an absolute blast in a very unique way,” Cotton said.”

The Dude Perfect is currently looking for municipalities across the United States as possible locations for its new headquarters.