Brilliance and power emanated from the concert hall with the opening of the Dallas Symphony’s season with its renowned music director according to a Texas Classical Review article from September 17,

“After a pandemic year of chamber orchestra performances, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra opened its 2021-2022 season in full force Thursday night at the Meyerson Symphony Center. Led by music director Fabio Luisi,  the program offered a strong return to form and the kind of familiar brilliance not heard in the hall since March of last year.”

The program was opened with a performance of a composition by Frederick Converse inspired by Walt Whitman, according to a Dallas Morning News article from September 17 which reported, 

Frederick Converse (1871-1940) was part of a constellation of mostly German-trained American composers clustered around Boston in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Composed in 1904, The Mystic Trumpeter is a 20-minute tone poem in five connected sections, inspired by Walt Whitman’s eponymous poem.

Both poem and music imagine a disembodied trumpeter and a dreamy, romantic one, but also a caller to war and a celebrant. Strauss was conducting the opera in Munich when Converse was studying there, and one wonders how much of the German composer’s work the American heard. Certainly, there’s much of Strauss in this real showpiece — the dramatic flair, the succulent harmonies, the textural and coloristic riches.”

Attendees of the opening season could only express their praise and amazement as they commented on the Orchestra’s Facebook post. One commented,

“Amazing Maestro! Brilliant Orchestra! Please record this concert and bring musical joy to the listeners from Europe!”

Another woman commented,

“Brilliant opening weekend program! Bravo, DSO, Maestro Luisi, AND magnificent organist, Bradley Welch!”

Fabio Luisi and the whole orchestra were able to put on a brilliant opening show, proving Luisi’s promise to make music with passion and conviction. As such many people are very excited to watch the DSO perform under the direction and influence of a renowned music director who has a great reputation on the world stage.