The Kit Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas will be used as a temporary shelter for teenage migrant boys crossing the border alone according to a CNN article from March 15th. In it they say:

“The Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center would be temporarily used to shelter teenage boys who arrived at the US-Mexico border alone, the official said.

Rocky Vaz, director of the Office of Emergency Management in Dallas, described the facility as a ‘decompression center’ and told city leaders it would house boys ages 15 to 17 ‘to help relieve the overcrowding currently at the border,’ according to the memo.
The plans, first reported by The Associated Press, mark the latest attempt by the administration to keep up with the number of unaccompanied children at the US-Mexico border. In the absence of additional shelter space, facilities along the border have been under increased strain.
As of Sunday, there were more than 4,200 children in US Border Patrol custody.”
This is the latest move by the current administration after FEMA was deployed according to a Washington Post article from March 16th. In it they say:

“The Federal Emergency Management Agency will use a Dallas convention center as a temporary shelter for thousands of migrant teenage boys, an emergency measure the Biden administration is taking to alleviate extreme overcrowding at border facilities in South Texas, according to two Homeland Security officials with knowledge of the plans.

. . .

The Biden administration mobilized FEMA on Saturday to help cope with a deepening crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border, where the number of families and minors arriving without their parents has soared since the president took office.”

This is an effort to improve the temporary holding shelters of young migrants who are currently separated from their families.