A double-decker tractor trailer overturned on I-35 east at Colorado Boulevard, blocking all northbound lanes. The truck was carrying 89 cows at the time of the accident. The crash occurred when a driver lost control during a turn when several of the cows on the top level of the tractor began to move.

Following the accident two of the cows got out of the trailer and jumped off theTrinity   RiverBridge, probably because they were in a panic and disoriented from the accident. Other cattle had to be euthanized at the scene of the accident by a veterinarian. Unfortunately, although 17 of the cows were fine, 70 of the cows were injured or killed in the accident or euthanized. As a result of the accident lanes of the freeway were closed throughout the morning. The driver of the truck wasn’t hurt in the accident.

Unfortunately, accidents where tractor trailers spill their contents onto busy highways are common. Sometimes the contents are something harmless, but sometimes it can be something deadly, such as dangerous chemicals. Besides tying up traffic for hours, such spills can result in injuries. When you are driving on a freeway or busy highway, stay away from tractor trailers. Try not to drive behind them or beside them for long periods of time. Also, give them a lot of room when they are making wide turns. A lot of accidents involving tractor trailers can be avoided.

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