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Liability for a wrongful death insurance claim belongs to the person, company, or institution that was at fault in the death of your loved one. Negligence in performing duties, taking care of property, or driving recklessly can cause a tragedy for your family. Everybody has the responsibility to do no harm to others, but you may need a personal injury lawyer in Dallas to get compensation from someone who caused great harm to your family. The Barber Law Firm can provide expert prosecution of your case.

Record Your Recollections

Making the responsible party pay for the harm that was done to your family is a matter for your attorney and the courts to resolve. You can help your attorney by preparing notes about what happened to your loved one and by getting contact information for anyone who witnessed it

Avoid Intimidation

It is easy to think that you do not have a chance in a wrongful death claim against large and powerful interests. Even though you are just one family, you are entitled to provisions under the law that protect the legal rights of all citizens. Your attorney can advise you about the rights you have to seek compensation for a wrongful death that was the legal fault of someone else, including:

  • individuals
  • companies
  • medical institutions
  • government institutions

Some insurance companies may try to intimidate you into dropping your case in an attempt to avoid paying you the settlement money that you deserve. The Barber Law Firm specializes in representing clients like you who have experienced an insufferable loss. Your attorney is prepared to give you the benefit of years of training and successful experience in representing cases like yours.

Take Prompt Action

Adjusting to the shock of losing a loved one in a tragic accident may take some time, but it is important to take action as soon as possible. As you realize the extent of your loss, take the opportunity to meet with an attorney at the Barber Law Firm for a free consultation.

What is wrongful death?

September 6, 2012

A wrongful death occurs when a person is killed due to another’s negligent or intentional actions. By law, if a wrongful death occurs, surviving beneficiaries are entitled to damages. In Texas, state law provides a remedy for wrongful death inTexas. The law compensates the deceased’s spouse, parents, and children for any losses they incurred as a result of the wrongful death.

In order to bring a wrongful death claim, a surviving beneficiary must show four things: that the death was caused by another person or entity’s conduct, that person or entity was negligent or strictly liable for the death, there are surviving beneficiaries or dependents, and that monetary damages have resulted from the death. If a wrongful case goes to court, versus settling prior to a trial, these elements must be shown by a preponderance of the evidence.

How much is awarded for a Texas wrongful death case depends on a lot of factors, which are all subjective. Some of those factors include the amount the decedent earned at the time of his or her death, the potential future earnings of the decedent, the non-economic contributions to the family by the decedent, the pain and suffering of the decedent, and more. The award can include amounts for the financial loss to the family that happened as a result of the death, the loss of support and/or services, funeral expenses, medical expenses, and an award for the pain and suffering of the decedent.

An unexpected loss of a loved one in an accident that was caused by another person’s negligence is tragic. The surviving family members will have to cope with that loss for the rest of their lives. If you are in the Dallas area and a loved one was killed in a tragic accident, The Barber Law Firm to discuss your options.

What Our Clients Say

“The Barber Law Firm helped my friend and me get through the nightmares of dealing with the insurance companies to get the health treatment we both needed, along with taking care of the damage to the car. I would highly recommend The Barber Law Firm to anyone that is in search of legal aid. Thank you for helping us through those tough times!”
- Yannis M.
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