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Workers’ compensation plays a huge role in compensating victims of accidents in the workplace.
In most cases, injured employees in Dallas-Fort Worth who are injured because of the negligence
of an employer or coworker are limited to recovering benefits provided by workers’

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance carried by most employers. It provides benefits
for injured employees. It pays a portion of wages for injured employees, the medical expenses
for injured employees, and a lump sum payment to workers who have been permanently disabled
as a result of their injury. Workers’ compensation benefits are statutory and apply regardless of
who caused the accident, including yourself. Typically, if an employer carries workers’
compensation insurance, the employer cannot be held liable for any damages caused by a
workplace accident.

When another party other than an employer or a co-worker causes or contributes to an injury,
you are entitled to pursue civil damages for any damages that are not covered by workers’
compensation. Some examples of parties that you could possibly pursue a case against include
equipment manufacturers or subcontractors. Normally, you must prove that the party was
negligent and that their negligent actions caused your injuries.

If you have been injured in a workplace accident in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, call
the workplace injury attorneys at the Barber Law Firm at 972-635- 4078. Our firm can help. Call
today to learn more or to schedule a free consultation.

Work Injury Claim HelpWhen you go into work each day, ideally there should be just one thing on your mind—the work you need to accomplish. Unfortunately, the reality is that everyone has so much going on that other distractions tend to also elbow in for a share of attention. Such distractions can lead to lapses in concentration, carelessness, human errors, and even construction accidents. Sometimes, these may result in injury.

Of course, injuries on-site aren’t just confined to carelessness; they may arise as a result of mechanical failure, weather-worn equipment, or any variety of other reasons. No matter how an injury occurs, it is wise to keep one thing in mind—how to file a worker’s injury claim to get compensation for your injuries. The Barber Law Firm can help you do so, with a staff of top Dallas injury attorneys available to help you.

Undoubtedly, the aftermath of an accident at the work site can be stressful and chaotic. Construction and other mechanical equipment can cause serious injuries, and there may also be property damage about which you need to be concerned. Despite the anxiety and confusion, it’s important to remain calm and make the best of the situation.

After you have received appropriate medical treatment, you should file a report with your employer. The company likely has a standard form and procedure for this, so they can help you out with it. However, you shouldn’t be passive in the process. It is vital that you explain all relevant details and any aches, pains, and injuries you have. Do not feel pressured by your insurance company and do not feel as though you need to be overly macho and deny that you are hurt. Neglecting to mention any conditions that you have may prevent you from recovering for those issues later and make it more difficult to obtain treatment.

Additionally, you should not sign any waivers or other documents that will preclude you from taking action to recover in any legal setting. If you are provided with any documents, you should have an attorney review them first. Even if you are not, you still need to consult an attorney to see where to go next with your claim.

The attorneys at The Barber Law Firm can help you navigate personal injury law and the steps on how to file a work injury claim. Call 972-525-2550 for more information and to schedule your free consultation.

Employers In Texas can choose whether to carry Worker’s Compensation insurance.  If they do not, then they are referred to as “non-subscribers.”  When employees are injured while working for non-subscribers, the claims are not handled in the Texas work comp system.  Rather, the employees normally have to hire an attorney to pursue compensation from the company or its insurance carrier in court.

Everyday, hundreds of workers are injured on the job.  The construction industry is one of the most dangerous.  It has the second highest number of fatalities of all industries.  Studies have shown that one out of every ten construction workers will be injured on the job at some point during their career.

Serious personal injuries and deaths from on-the-job accidents occur every day to residents of our local cities like Dallas, Plano, McKinney, and Frisco, Texas.  Many times, the accidents are the result of an unsafe working environment or the failure of the company to provide proper safety equipment.

If you have been injured on the job in Dallas Ft. Worth, Plano, McKinney, Frisco, TX or the surrounding areas, an experienced-local personal injury attorney can help you and your family.  Our workplace injury lawyers offer free consultations on injury cases. If you or someone you know has been injured or killed, you should contact an attorney at The Barber Law Firm immediately so that you will know your legal rights and can determine what insurance may be in place to cover damages.  Call our office at (972) 231-5800 for more information or click here to contact us by email.

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