Dallas had some precipitation this morning, although temperatures were above freezing in the metropolitan area. However, a winter weather advisory went into effect for Denton, Collin, Parker, Fanin and Lamar counties over the weekend through this morning. Although this winter has been mild, you should review these basic winter weather driving tips to avoid being involved in an accident should the streets become icy.

The most important winter weather safety tip is to slow down. Driving too fast for the road conditions plays a major role in fatal crashes, especially during the winter. Even if you have snow tires, exercise extreme caution and drive slower than you normally would if the roads are slick.

It’s also important not to follow too close. Tailgating is another common cause of winter weather accidents. The closer you follow the car in front of you, the less time you have to react. At a minimum, leave one car length between you and the car in front of you for every 10 miles per hour you are travelling.

It’s also important not to drive when you are tired during dangerous road conditions. If the roads are slick, it will take all of your concentration to stay safe. If you are already tired, you are at a serious disadvantage. Call someone who can pick you up or pull over somewhere safe for a quick nap.

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