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Medical MalpracticeWhile modern society is one that is full of services, very few of them are actually necessary for everyday life. One service, however, that is undeniably essential is that of health care. From making sure that minor scrapes don’t turn into major infections to healing everything from broken bones to bruises, modern medicine solves a lot of problems. Sadly, though, there are also cases in which medical procedures do more harm than good.

While accidents can happen in any situation, mistakes and negligent behavior in the context of medicine can be more harmful and shocking because of the expectation that health care providers help solve problems, not create them. Whether a mistake or negligent act caused relatively minor injury or prompted wrongful death, you may have a cause of action for medical malpractice. To explore your rights with a qualified attorney, contact the Barber Law Firm today.

With many goods and services, you can simply get a refund for a defective product or shoddy craftsmanship. But when it comes to medicine, that is not the case. There is no instant recourse for a medical procedure, and even a refund can’t undo potentially crippling life-long damage from a medical procedure gone awry.

When you put your trust in a health care provider, you should be able to rely on his or her expertise. Society demands a high standard of care of medical practitioners, and given the cost, this seems justified. When practitioners fail to meet this standard, the recourse is not through returning a product but through medical malpractice action.

Although Dallas has high quality health care facilities, accidents and carelessness can happen everywhere. Don’t assume that a poor job is simply a risk that comes with undergoing a medical procedure. While not every procedure is guaranteed to provide complete relief in all cases, you are not responsible for taking the fall if a doctor fails to adhere to a standard of due care. Instead, you should look to a potential suit for malpractice.

Malpractice in medicine can be a complex field, so it’s best to seek an attorney’s advice. For a free consultation on your case, contact the Barber Law Firm at 972-525-2550.

Liability for a wrongful death insurance claim belongs to the person, company, or institution that was at fault in the death of your loved one. Negligence in performing duties, taking care of property, or driving recklessly can cause a tragedy for your family. Everybody has the responsibility to do no harm to others, but you may need a personal injury lawyer in Dallas to get compensation from someone who caused great harm to your family. The Barber Law Firm can provide expert prosecution of your case.

Record Your Recollections

Making the responsible party pay for the harm that was done to your family is a matter for your attorney and the courts to resolve. You can help your attorney by preparing notes about what happened to your loved one and by getting contact information for anyone who witnessed it

Avoid Intimidation

It is easy to think that you do not have a chance in a wrongful death claim against large and powerful interests. Even though you are just one family, you are entitled to provisions under the law that protect the legal rights of all citizens. Your attorney can advise you about the rights you have to seek compensation for a wrongful death that was the legal fault of someone else, including:

  • individuals
  • companies
  • medical institutions
  • government institutions

Some insurance companies may try to intimidate you into dropping your case in an attempt to avoid paying you the settlement money that you deserve. The Barber Law Firm specializes in representing clients like you who have experienced an insufferable loss. Your attorney is prepared to give you the benefit of years of training and successful experience in representing cases like yours.

Take Prompt Action

Adjusting to the shock of losing a loved one in a tragic accident may take some time, but it is important to take action as soon as possible. As you realize the extent of your loss, take the opportunity to meet with an attorney at the Barber Law Firm for a free consultation.

Disc decompression is a type of treatment for individuals with a back injury. In the back, between the vertebrae, there is soft tissue. That soft tissue can act like a shock absorber, and can at times become compressed due to injuries or automobile accidents. The compression distorts the shape of the disc and causes the tissue to put pressure on the surrounding nerves. That pressure can be very painful.

Fortunately, treatment exists called disc decompression. It’s a procedure in which a small portion of bone which is over the nerve root, and sometimes disc material, are removed. Therefore, the nerve root has more space. Disc decompression has been proven to be very successful, with a low complication rate.

Disc decompression is generally done on an outpatient basis with only mild sedation and local anesthetic, and can have a variety of benefits including pain relief and a return to normal activities. An alternative to disc decompression can be major surgery, which is generally more invasive, riskier, and has a longer recovery time.

Many accident victims are turning to disc decompression treatment to deal with the effects of an automobile collision or a workplace accident. If you or a loved one has suffered back problems on the job or as a result of an accident with another party, contact The Barber Law Firm to learn more.

Most people have heard of post traumatic stress syndrome or post traumatic stress disorder. It is a psychological condition that occurs after an individual is exposed to an extremely high level of stress or extremely stressful conditions. When most people think of post traumatic stress syndrome, they think of a war veteran returning to theU.S.or a crime victim who is having trouble getting over the attack. However, any stressful life experience can trigger post traumatic stress disorder.

It’s natural to be traumatized following a major traumatic event. After a life threatening accident or a violent attack, it is normal to be scared, think about the event constantly, or to feel numb. However, most individuals gradually recover and their symptoms improve. If you don’t start to feel better, but instead feel worse, you may be experiencing PTSD.

Some symptoms of PTSD include the need to avoid any reminders of the traumatic event, increased anxiety and frequently re-experiencing the event. These symptoms could come about out of the blue, or may be triggered by an event. Some people experience sleep problems, anger, jumpiness, flashbacks, a loss of interest in life, emotional detachment, and more. Other victims of PTSD may have suicidal thoughts, depression, guilt, or substance abuse.

There are treatments for PTSD, which generally include several types of individual and family therapy and medication. Victims may want to seek a counselor who is experienced at dealing with victims of PTSD. Support groups can also be very valuable. It’s also important to avoid alcohol and drugs during this difficult time.

PTSD can often result from traumatic accidents such as car accidents that are particularly bad. PTSD can affect not only the person involved in the accident, but also family members who were involved, and police officers and emergency officers who helped with the accident.

If you have been a victim of an automobile collision or another traumatic incident, and you feel you may be experiencing PTSD, seek help. Resources are available. You may also be entitled to compensation for not only your accident, but also the after-effects, such as PTSD. Talk to The Barber Law Firm to learn more.

Rotator Cuff Tear

July 24, 2012

Anyone who has had a rotator cuff tear knows that the pain can be excruciating. It’s been estimated that about 2 million Americans suffer rotator cuff injuries each year. Rotator cuff tears are injuries to muscle-tendon groups in the rotator cuff group. The rotator cuff is a network of muscles that keeps your arm in your shoulder socket. When one or more of those muscles is torn or is frayed, you can experience a variety of medical issues.

Rotator cuff tears are caused in several ways. First, if you fall down on your arm when it’s outstretched, or lift something heavy with a jerking motion you may tear your rotator cuff. You could tear your rotator cuff gradually over time, such as by doing a repetitive motion like rowing or weightlifting, or something work-related. You may also develop a rotator cuff injury gradually over time as your muscles age.

Rotator cuff injuries can be painful. Once your rotator cuff is torn, you will experience inflammation, which will prevent you from moving your shoulder normally. If you tear the rotator cuff all at once, such as in an accident, you may have severe pain shooting down your arm. If you gradually tear or injure your rotator cuff, you may just feel a gradual weakness and decreased shoulder motion. Doctors can usually diagnose a rotator cuff tear using x-rays, MRIs, a physical exam, an ultrasound, or an arthography. To treat rotator cuff injuries at home, doctors recommend rest, ice, a sling, and an anti-inflammatory medication. For more serious injuries, surgery or physical therapy may be necessary.

Unfortunately, rotator cuff injuries are painful and medical treatment can be expensive. However, for some people whose rotator cuff injuries were caused by another party, help may be available. If you rotator cuff injury was caused by a fall on another’s property, a work accident, an automobile collision, or a repetitive work injury, another party may be liable for your injury. Talk to The Barber Law Firm to learn more.

Disk Injuries

July 9, 2012

Many automobile accidents or other types of accidents result in disc injuries, which are injuries to the cartilage pads that exist between the bones of the spine. Sometimes, a disc compresses or degenerates due to trauma. Some common disc problems include disc bulges and herniated or ruptured discs.

A disc bulge occurs when the outer fibers of the spinal disc weaken, allowing the center of the disc to bulge outward. Disc bulges are often the first step towards a more serious problem called a herniated disc. A herniated disc is similar to a disc bulge, except that the outer layers of the disc weaken to the point of tearing. A disc bulge in the lower back can cause back pain, numbness, tingling, sharp pain, or weakness in the feet or legs. A disc bulge in the neck can cause pain, but in some cases causes numbness, tingling, sharp pain or weakness in the arms or hands.

A herniated disc occurs when the outer fibers of the spinal disc tear, which allows the center of the disc to herniated or bulge outward. A herniated disc is more serious than a disc bulge, which is simply a weakening of the disc. Symptoms of a herniated disc can vary greatly but can include lower back aches, numbness, weakness, leg pain, tingling, deep muscle pain and muscle spasms.

When a person hurts his or her back in an accident, lifelong pain, surgery, or rehabilitation may result. You may not be able to tell the full extent of the damage to your back until some time has passed after the accident. Therefore, if an insurance adjuster pressures you to take a settlement shortly after an accident, you should not accept the offer until after you’ve consulted with a personal injury attorney.

Talk to the personal injury team at The Barber Law Firm to learn about your options.


Medical malpractice occurs more often than you might think. According to theInstituteofMedicine, between 44,000 and 98,000 Americans die in hospitals each year because of preventable medical errors.

There are many misperceptions about medical malpractice lawsuits floating around out there. Although the perception among many is that doctors and hospitals are being sued for every tiny mistake they make, the truth is that only one in eight preventable medical errors committed in hospitals results in a malpractice lawsuit. Many people also think that huge punitive damages are available in most malpractice cases. The truth is that punitive damages are generally awarded in less than one percent of medical malpractice cases.

Medical malpractice can take many forms. Malpractice can be committed by any health care professional, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, office staff, and more. Malpractice can be a result of a failure to diagnose a problem, a misdiagnosis, improper treatment, a medication error, a surgical error, a failure to follow up, or many more causes. Medical malpractice could result in a complication or disability, either temporary or permanent, or death.

Victims of medical malpractice are entitled to compensation for their injuries. A person who’s injured because of a mistake made by a medical professional can receive compensation for past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other compensation. If you are a victim of medical malpractice, contact the Dallas medical malpractice attorneys at the Barber Law Firm.  Our firm has significant experience in helping the victims of medical malpractice, and we will be happy to help you get the compensation you deserve for your accident.

Not all personal injury cases are created equally. Clients frequently are curious about what kind of settlement or verdict they could get for their injuries. However, it can be very difficult to determine what the amount of a personal injury verdict or settlement could be. Following are some factors that are frequently taken into consideration when determining the value of a personal injury case:

  • The severity of the injury.  Obviously, an accident in which a bone was broken would be worth less than one with a serious spinal cord injury that resulted in paralysis.
  • The age of the plaintiff. An accident that seriously injured a person who was 90 years old would probably be worth less than an accident that seriously injured a 30 year old.
  • Expenses incurred by the plaintiff. This includes medical expenses, lost wages, physical therapy, etc.
  • Loss of income. If a man who’s 40 years old and is making $125,000 per year is injured in an automobile accident and is unable to work for the remainder of his life, there may be a much larger award than if the plaintiff is retired or is working in a low-income job.
  • Change in lifestyle or relationships.  If an accident resulted in a change in a plaintiff’s lifestyle, or took a serious burden on the plaintiff’s marriage or other relationships, the award could be increased.
  • The experience and skills of the attorney working on behalf of the plaintiff.
  • Whether the accident will have lifelong medical consequences, or is only temporary in nature.

There are many, many factors to be considered in evaluating the worth of a personal injury case. This is an incomplete list, but could help you determine whether you think your personal injury case is valuable or not. If you are in the Dallas area, and you have been injured in an accident due to the fault of another party, contact the Dallas personal injury attorneys at The Barber Law Firm.

A personal injury claim is valued and usually settled based upon an estimate of what a jury would likely award as reasonable compensation for your injuries. The jury will take into account how severe your injuries were and the effects of the accident on your life, both immediately and for years to come. In addition to compensation for medical expenses and lost wages, you are entitled to damages for personal injuries, including pain, suffering, and loss of companionship and of enjoyment of life. Severe injuries requiring substantial medical treatment, extended time off from work, and permanent physical or mental injuries may justify a large monetary award.

When it comes time to settle a claim, both sides should have a clear picture of the victim’s injuries and how they have affected the victim’s life. The difference between the victim’s life before the accident and the victim’s life after the accident is the value of the claim. For example, a previously healthy, productive, young worker injured severely by an obviously responsible defendant will demand substantial compensation. This is especially true if the victim has undergone substantial medical care, a large loss of earnings, and is facing a future of impaired earning capacity, disfigurement, pain, and suffering. On the other hand, the claim of an older person injured in uncertain circumstances resulting in complaints that can’t be medically proven may be substantially discounted both by a jury and an insurance adjuster.

If the injured person is found partially at fault for the accident, the amount of damages will be reduced. Also, if there is a substantial chance that the claim will not succeed for any reason, then any pretrial settlement offer will be reduced in most cases.

Have you been injured by an accident due to the negligence of another person or business in the Dallas area? If so, contact The Barber Law Firm. Our attorneys will help walk you through the process of filing a personal injury claim. Call us today for a free consultation.


It is a very common misperception among non-lawyers that almost any attorney can represent a client in almost any matter as long as the case is a common one. Many clients think that if they need a routine bankruptcy or a will prepared, they can go to the same attorney who handled their divorce or did the closing on their home. In addition, some attorneys will agree to handle a case outside their specialty in order to collect the fee.

However, the truth is that the law is increasingly becoming more complex, so it is much better to find an attorney who specializes in what you need. Also, you may think you have a very simple, straightforward case. While this is sometimes true, more often a simple case can be filled with complexities that only an experienced attorney will recognize. Instead of finding any random attorney to handle your case, a better approach is to find the most experienced attorney in the field of law your case is in who you can afford to hire to handle your case.

This is particularly true in personal injury cases. Although personal injury cases are very common, they can be very complex. Only an attorney with substantial personal injury experience should handle such a case. Also, once a case is settled, an injured party cannot get more compensation later if their medical circumstances change. Therefore, you should hire an experienced attorney to help you get the maximum amount of compensation available.

Have you been injured in an accident due to another party’s negligence in the Dallas area? If so, contact the Barber Law Firm, a personal injury law firm dedicated to helping accident victims recover.

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