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Even if you are the safest driver in the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area, you run the risk of being involved in an accident simply because you share the roads with other drivers. Normally, if you are involved in an automobile accident and you sustain a personal injury, you are entitled to pursue a claim for your entire amount of damages against the other driver. However, if the person has inadequate insurance or personal assets to compensate you, you may be out of luck.

Under Texas law, drivers are only required to have a minimum amount of automobile insurance coverage, which includes $30,000 for bodily injuries per person (with a maximum of $60,000 per accident), and $25,000 for property damage. Therefore, if a driver causes a serious accident and only has the minimum insurance required under Texas law, a seriously injured accident victim can only recover $30,000 for his or her injuries, unless the driver has other significant assets that could be collected. In addition, many drivers simply ignore the insurance requirements and do not carry coverage at all.

In that situation, you may be able to receive compensation under your own insurance policy. Your policy may contain coverage accidents caused by uninsured or underinsured motorists. In that case, you will make a claim with your insurance company for damage. However, your insurance company has an interest in paying out as little as possible in damages, which may mean that you need to speak with an attorney.

If you have been involved in an accident in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and you believe you need to speak with an attorney to ensure you are fairly compensated, call the Dallas automobile accident attorneys at the Barber Law Firm. We will provide you with a free consultation on your case, and if we choose to accept it, you pay us nothing until we obtain damages for you. Call us today at 972-231-5800 to learn more or to schedule your free consultation.

Uninsured MotoristIt’s a worst-case scenario. You’re in an auto accident that results in a serious injury and substantial property damage, and the person who caused it is an uninsured motorist. You automatically assume you’ll be on the hook for thousands and thousands of dollars. While this type of situation is definitely a huge hassle, you may have options you didn’t realize. The Dallas lawyers with The Barber Law Firm want to help explain what you can do if you or someone close to you is involved in this type of accident.

First, Call the Police and Get Medical Treatment

It is obviously imperative that you call the police so they can investigate the accident scene. If you’re hurt, seek medical attention as soon as possible. If you don’t, there is a chance that you will suffer complications. While you may be able to obtain compensation for the original injury, you may be responsible for paying your own medical expenses should additional problems occur as a result of not seeing a doctor promptly.

Make Sure You Have Uninsured Motorist Insurance

This is actually a step you should take before you are involved in an accident. Do it now if you can. Your insurer, must, by law, offer both uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist coverage. It is very important that you always accept this coverage whenever you purchase a policy – even though it is more expensive, you’ll find that added cost will be more than worth it should you ever be involved in this type of accident. You may be able to pursue compensation for accident-related medical bills, loss of income due to missing work, and other losses you have suffered.

Make Sure the At-Fault Driver is Uninsured

The other driver may have given you an expired insurance card at the accident scene, but that doesn’t mean you should automatically assume he or she is an uninsured motorist. Get that person’s contact information and call their insurance company just to be sure. There is a possibility that person may have simply forgotten to put his or her new card in the vehicle. Even if that person does not have coverage from that particular insurer anymore, there is still a chance he or she is insured elsewhere.

If you ever find yourself in this type of unfortunate situation, it is vitally important that you call an experienced attorney as soon as you can. At The Barber Law Firm, our professionals will be available to listen to the details of your accident and be able to tell you how we may be able to help. Contact us online or call 866-986-1529 to speak with one of our representatives. If you’ve ever been involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist, tell us your story by clicking one of the social media buttons on this page.

Negotiating with Insurance AdjusterIf you were in an automobile accident or another kind of accident, you might have had offers from the insurance company to settle your claims. The insurance company may have made what you think is a great offer. They might have dispatched an insurance adjuster over to your house quickly after the accident with an offer to sign right away.

Nevertheless, you should not agree to the initial offer an insurance adjuster makes to you after an accident. An insurance adjuster’s job is to limit the payment of the insurance company– not to provide you a fair offer. Also, if you were injured in the car accident, it may take several months or years for your treatment to be finished. If you negotiate right away, you can’t go back later on and request more money when your medical costs end up being higher than you thought.

Instead, the insurance company should really be negotiated with. You may want to first have an idea of what your claim is worth. This information is very dependent on your particular situation, but you should take into consideration all of your costs, consisting of damage to your automobile, medical costs and lost earnings. You might additionally consider inquiring about damages for pain and suffering or some other non-monetary damages you have. Keep that dollar figure in mind throughout your discussions.

When the insurance adjuster produces the offer, it may be laughably minimal. Ask the adjuster to give you some information on how they or she calculated that offer, and take notes on the information you gain. Then, write a letter to the adjuster which responds to each of the elements the adjuster pointed out in ascertaining the settlement. In the letter, emphasize each of the strongest statements you have for a larger settlement. After the insurance adjuster has had a chance to receive and process the letter, try to renegotiate. Anytime you do agree, put the settlement in writing.

Depending on the situation involved in your accident, you may be able to obtain compensation from the insurance company of the other driver, your insurance company, the driver himself, the owner of the car, or the employer of the driver who caused the accident. You may be entitled to compensation not only for the damage to your vehicle, but also your medical expenses (including future expenses expected to occur as a result of the accident), lost wages, and other expenses.

It’s likely that the insurance company of the other driver will contact you and offer you a settlement. They will encourage you to take the settlement quickly, and you may feel pressured to do so. After all, you most likely have bills coming in as a result of the accident, and you probably want to put the matter behind you. However, the insurance company is not looking out for your best interests. Instead, they want you to settle at the lowest amount possible in order to maximize profit for their company. If you have future medical expenses or other out of pocket expenses, it’s not possible to obtain compensation for those after you have settled the case.

The Barber Law Firm handles personal injury claims on a contingency fee basis, you don’t pay unless we win your case.

In a contingency basis, the clients pay their lawyer by having an agreement that a certain percentage of the amount from the client’s claim could be given to the lawyer as his fee. On the side of the client, it would be very convenient to have the contingency basis because they don’t have to worry about the lawyer’s fee whatever the outcome of the case may be.

Personal Injury Claim FormLots of car or truck crashes or other kinds of incidents result in disc traumas, which are traumas to the cartilage pads which exist among the bones of the vertebrae. Often, a disc compresses or degenerates due to injury. Some common disc conditions include disc bulges and herniated or ruptured discs.

A disc protrusion occurs when the outer fibers of the vertebrae disc weaken, enabling the center of the disc to protrude outward. Disc bulges are often the first step towards a more severe problem called a herniated disc. A herniated disc is comparable to a disc bulge, except that the external layers of the disc weaken to the point of tearing. A disc bulge in the lower spine can trigger back pain, numbness, tingling, sharp pain, or weakness in the feet or legs. A disc protrusion in the neck can create distress, however in some cases causes numbness, tingling, sharp pain or weakness in the arms or hands.

A herniated disc occurs whenever the outer fibers of the spinal disc tear, which enables the center of the disc to herniated or bulge outward. A herniated disc is more serious than a disc bulge, which is merely a weakening of the disc. Indicators of a herniated disc can vary significantly but can include lower back aches, numbness, weakness, leg pain, tingling, deep muscle ache and muscle spasms.

Whenever a man or woman injures his/her spine in a collision, long term pain, surgical treatment, or rehabilitation may result. You may not have the ability to ascertain the full degree of the injury to your back until time has passed following the accident. As a result, if an insurance adjuster pressures you to take a settlement deal shortly after an accident, you should not accept the offer until after you’ve consulted with a personal injury attorney.

The Barber Law Firm handles personal injury claims on a contingency fee basis, you don’t pay unless we win your case.

In a contingency basis, the clients pay their lawyer by having an agreement that a certain percentage of the amount from the client’s claim could be given to the lawyer as his fee. On the side of the client, it would be very convenient to have the contingency basis because they don’t have to worry about the lawyer’s fee whatever the outcome of the case may be.

We also have extensive experience in automobile accident cases which can help in your personal injury case. Call us today for a free consultation.

Although Texas law requires drivers to maintain only a minimum amount of liability insurance (designed to pay for damages you cause to other drivers), many Texans choose to get “full coverage”, which will also pay for your own damages you cause. Full coverage policies also typically cover damages from theft, weather conditions, or fire. Many automobile owners mistakenly believe that if they have full coverage automobile insurance they will not have to pay any amount if they are involved in a car accident. This is not always true.

If you choose to purchase full coverage automobile insurance, you should closely examine the policy to find out what the limit is that will be paid out for each accident, and what happens if an accident you cause exceeds that limit. You may find out that you have to pay any excess costs. You also will be responsible for your deductible. In most full coverage policies, when a vehicle is a total loss, the insurance company will only pay out the current market value of the car. If you or another driver happens to owe more on the car than its current market value, you will be responsible for making up the difference, which in some cases can be significant.

There are also other expenses vehicle owners incur that will not be covered by full coverage, such as normal wear and tear and expenses related to failing to properly maintain a vehicle. Full coverage insurance may also not pay for the theft of some items from your vehicle, such as stereo systems, GPS units, radar detectors, DVD players, and more. You should ask your insurance company or examine your policy to determine which items are insured.

 Have you been involved in an accident in the Dallas area? If so, contact the Barber Law Firm at 817-527-8833. You may be able to recover from the other driver for your medical expenses, damage to your vehicle, and more. Call us today for a free consultation.

Recently released statistics show that 24.1 percent of all drivers in Dallas County are uninsured. Among Texas’s largest six counties, that is the highest percentage of uninsured drivers in the state. These statistics are surprising since state law requires that drivers maintain minimum levels of coverage. The state has also maintained a three-year initiative designed to reduce the number of uninsured drivers.

Texas requires drivers to maintain minimum insurance coverage. The minimum coverage amount is $30,000 for each injured person ($60,000 per accident), and $25,000 in property damage. Texas has a program, called TexasSure, which allows police officers and county tax officials to electronically confirm whether a Texas vehicle has insurance coverage. The program is aimed at preventing drivers from using counterfeit insurance cards or canceling insurance coverage later.

If a driver is found to be violating the insurance laws, the first conviction can result in a fine between $175 and $350. Later convictions may result in fines of between $350 and $1,000, a driver’s license suspension, or even impoundment of your vehicle.

It’s imperative for all drivers to obtain uninsured motorist insurance coverage. This insurance is designed to protect you if you’re involved in an accident with a vehicle that doesn’t have insurance coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage doesn’t add much to the costs of most insurance premiums, and it can be crucial in the event of an accident.

Have you been involved in an accident in the Dallas area? If so, contact Dallas automobile accident attorney Kris Barber at the Barber Law Firm today at 817-527-8833. He will provide you with a free consultation on your accident case.

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