Under Texas law, property owners are responsible for providing a safe environment for any guests or visitors to the property. If a person in Carrolton suffers an injury because of a dangerous condition on the property, in most cases the individual has the right to be compensated for his or her injuries. This area of law is called premises liability. 


Premises liability is the legal responsibility of a property owner or manager to take reasonable steps to keep the property safe. When an accident occurs, it is important to investigate to determine whether the property owner knew or should have known of the hazard that caused the injury. Some of the most common types of premises liability cases include slip, trip, and fall cases, accidents involving structural defects, drowning accidents, and cases involving the presence of biohazards. 


In order to seek compensation for your premises liability case in Carrollton, you must prove that the negligence of the company or the individual is what caused your accident. Simply getting injured at the home or the business of another is not sufficient to obtain compensation from them. Instead, you must build a case showing the other side’s negligence, how that led to your injuries, and proving your damages. 


At the Barber Law Firm, our attorneys regularly handle cases involving accidents, such as slip and fall accidents, that occur at the homes of family and friends. In those situations, it can be awkward to seek compensation from those individuals. However, it’s important to remember that while that may be awkward on paper, in most cases the individual’s insurance company will be paying your damages. Also, if you fail to seek compensation and too much time elapses, you may be prevented from seeking compensation in the future. 


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