When a product manufacturer creates an unsafe product, the general public can be harmed.
Unfortunately, in some cases, product manufacturers are aware of product defects or design
defects, yet greed prevents the necessary safety changes from being implemented. If you have
been the victim of a defective product that caused an accident, call the Carrollton personal injury
attorneys at the Barber Law Firm.

Most people do not realize how many dangerous products are on the market. The Consumer
Product Safety Commission estimates that almost 30 million people are injured by dangerous
products each year. Some products that commonly cause injuries include automobiles, medical
devices, children’s products, defective prescription drugs, and home products.

There are three types of warranties that normally are pursued in product liability cases. Express
warranties are spoken or written promises by the seller that products or services are guaranteed
to have certain quality standards. The second warranty is the implied warranty of
merchantability, which is an implied warranty that is created and upheld by law that products are
of a certain quality. Another type of warranty is the implied warranty of fitness for a particular
purpose. That is a warranty which is either verbal or written, where the buyer is guaranteed a
product is suitable for a specific process.

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