Your car could very well be on a list of cars that have been recalled but not repaired. Nationwide, an estimated 46 million vehicles have an open recall, or about one in six vehicles that are on the roads. Many of the vehicles that have been recalled but not repaired are from the largest recall in U.S. history, involving Takata airbags. Those airbags were discovered to be prone to exploding upon inflation, which can send shrapnel flying around the vehicle, in addition to failing to protect the vehicle’s occupant in the event of an accident. There have been 10 known fatalities in connection with the recall.

Used car buyers are particularly at risk of being uninformed about recalls. Car manufacturers often do not know how to contact a vehicle’s second or third owner to tell them about the car’s problems. If you have purchased a used car, be sure to inform your car’s manufacturer of your address and other contact information. If you bought your car new but have since moved, update your address with the car’s manufacturer so that you can be informed of any recalls.

It’s also important that you check on your own to see if your vehicle has been recalled. You can do that by locating your car’s vehicle identification number, which is on the corner of the dashboard, and is also in the door jam. You can then visit, type in the VIN, and the website will let you know if there are any open recalls. You can also use a free app from Carfax which will let you scan your VIN.

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