Recently, a young woman who was almost killed in a car accident caused by texting while driving spoke to Dallas teenagers about the dangers involved. The woman was driving on a dark country road in Ellis County when she decided to send a text. She lost control of the vehicle, flipped and hit a tree. Her car burst into flames. She was burned over 70 percent of her body, and is now completely disabled.

Many drivers don’t think twice about sending a quick text while driving. Unfortunately, distracted driving kills thousands of Americans each year, and it injures almost half a million a year, like this young woman. According to studies, although there are lots of distractions to drivers, like talking on a cell phone and eating, texting is the most dangerous because it involves distractions manually, visually, and cognitively at the same time. Reading or sending a text can take your eyes off the road for almost five seconds, during which time a lot can happen.

Cell phone companies are also concerned about the dangers of texting and driving. This week, AT&T introduced a new app, which will send out automatic messages while your phone is in drive mode, informing people who are texting or emailing that you’re driving and can’t respond. There are other similar apps already on the market that will discourage texting while driving.

Unfortunately, increasing numbers of drivers are choosing to text while driving. If you’ve been in an accident with a driver who was texting, that driver can be held legally responsible for your injuries, pain and suffering, time off from work, and more. If you’re in the Dallas area, call the Dallas texting accident attorneys at the Barber Law Firm at 866-986-1529. Our experienced attorneys will work hard on your behalf to get you the financial compensation you deserve.